Register and Privacy Policy Statement

Register and privacy policy statement in accordance with the Personal Data Act (Sections 10 and 24) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


1. Data controller

Kaiku Group Oy
Lönnrotinkatu 11
FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland
Tel. +358 9 8866 6600


2. Contact person in matters concerning the register

Pete Saarnivaar
Lönnrotinkatu 11
FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland


3. Name of the register

Marketing register of Kaiku


4. Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data stored in the register will be processed in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation for the controller’s stakeholder communications, such as sending newsletters, direct e-marketing, and invitations. Personal data may be processed to target marketing to the right target group. The basis for the processing of personal data is the related customer relationship, the data subject’s consent, or other relevant connection, such as sending an invitation to a webinar to the e-mail address with which the data provider has registered for the webinar.

The controller’s direct e-marketing is sent to data subjects who have given their voluntary consent to direct e-marketing. In addition, in accordance with the Information Society Code and other applicable data protection legislation, direct e-marketing may also be sent to recipients for whom the controller can reasonably believe that the products or services marketed have an essential connection with the potential customer’s responsibilities or tasks.

You can unsubscribe from marketing communications by notifying the controller or by clicking on the opt-out included in each marketing message, in which case the data subject’s data will be removed from the controller’s direct e-marketing subscriber list.


5. Data contents of the register

The register contains information about the following persons:

  • The controller’s clients (client/contractual relationship)
  • Potential clients (substantial connection, legitimate interest)

The register contains at least the following personal data:

  • First name and surname
  • E-mail address

In addition, the register may also contain the following personal data:

  • Other contact details (address)
  • Name of employer
  • Job or position in the company
  • Any other data collected with the consent of the person

The personal data processed are necessary for their purpose.


6. Regular data sources

As a rule, the data are collected from the data subject. The data controller’s website stores the browsing/use history of the pages, which will be communicated to the data subject upon arrival on the website.


7. Disclosure of data

The implementation of Kaiku's marketing may require some personal data to be forwarded. We will endeavour to transfer the data in anonymous form, if possible. Our partners act in accordance with the privacy practices required by law and the documented instructions of the controller. We are responsible for the processing of personal data by service providers on our behalf in relation to the data subject in the same manner as for our own activities.

Further sharing of the data is justified by an order issued by a court or authority in the relevant jurisdiction. Disclosure of data may also be justified in situations

where we need to protect ourselves from liability or prevent fraudulent activities. We act in accordance with applicable laws in these situations.

Some of our marketing partners are located outside the European Economic Area. We do all transfers as required by law and do international transfers only with well-known operators whose potential data protection risks have been carefully assessed. The actual customer data containing more detailed information is stored in Finland.

Data may be disclosed to buyers in connection with M&A transactions if Kaiku Helsinki sells or otherwise reorganizes its business.


8. Transfer of data

Due to the technical or operational implementation of data processing, some of the data may be located with Kaiku Helsinki’s subcontractors, or the data may otherwise be processed through a technical connection. Data may be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area if the European Commission has made a decision on the adequacy of data protection in the country of destination.


9. Protection of the register

The information content of the personal register is kept secret.

The user register is stored digitally and is not processed manually at any time. The data is stored in a secure system that can be accessed by password only by selected employees of Kaiku Helsinki. The data content of the personal register is set to be kept confidential.


10. Right of inspection and correction

All subscribers to the newsletter have the right to inspect the personal data stored about them or to request that the data be corrected. In order to verify the information, the users must provide their e-mail address in their inspection request. The request for a data inspection or correction must be submitted – in writing and signed – to:

Lönnrotinkatu 11
FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland


11. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

The data subjects have the right, on grounds relating to their particular situation, to object at any time to processing of their personal data, based on the legitimate interests of the controller, such as profiling based on these provisions. The controller may then no longer process the personal data, unless the controller can demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights, and freedoms of the data subject, or for the establishment, exercise, or defence of legal claims.

The recipients of the newsletter have the right to prohibit the controller from sending the newsletter to them. Deleting the recipient's e-mail address from the newsletter mailing list can be done by clicking on the link at the end of the newsletter or by notifying the controller.


12. Cookies

Kaiku’s website uses cookies.

Cookies support the functioning of our website and enable, for example, the identification of users and the provision of certain functions, such as newsletter subscriptions, to new visitors only. In addition, cookies are used in the website’s analytics.

Cookies enable us to improve our website. For users, cookies are not visible and they do not harm the user's computer or otherwise affect their online experience.

If online users visiting Kaiku’s website do not wish to enable the use of cookies, they may restrict the use of cookies in their browser settings. All web browsers disabling cookies even on a site-specific basis. However, it should be noted that disabling cookies can limit the functionality of the website and make the online experience more unpleasant. More information about cookies can be found in e.g. Wikipedia.